In the Thrust bearings, we use stainless steel 410 grade material segments made in investment casting and the segments are ground and lapped to mirror finish. Hardness of the segment is 48-52 HRC. The segments are supported on accurately machined cast iron base.

Carbon pads used in the Thrust bearings are Resin impregnated carbon with 78-80 HRC hardness and can withstand to 150 degree celcius temperature. Some carbon pads are of metal impregnated with 90-95 HRC hardness and can withstand to 230 degree celcius temperature.

V4-3 segment

V4 Fixed

V6-3 segment

Carbon pads are duly ground and lapped to mirror polish and are normally fixed to cast-iron rings. In some bearings, carbon pads are fixed to stainless steel 410 material rings.


90 Dia Openwell D.S Carbon

70 Dia Openwell D.S Carbon

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